COVID-19 Fallout: Sorry Guests You Are Not Welcome! Say Posters Outside Homes In Cuttack


Cuttack: We Indians have had to sacrifice our spirit of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in times of coronavirus. The women of Sagadia Sahi here have gone as far as putting up posters with a message announcing this outside their houses. The message asks guests not to visit them and stay safe in their houses.

People in this city are on their guard ever since a resident tested positive for the virus.

A poster put up by  a social worker Bijaylaxmi Mohapatra reads, “In a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, we are not in a position to invite you to our house. Be at your own house and be safe.”

“These posters are creating awareness among the people that they should not visit anyone ’s house during this time when positive cases are increasing exponentially. I hope these posters will have the desired result,” added Bijaylaxmi.

Taking a cue, other residents also started pasting a similar message at their entrance. “During this period, even a neighbour should not visit his/her neighbour’s house. People will be safe when they stop coming out of their houses,” a housewife on the condition of anonymity opined.


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