COVID-19 Lockdown Effect: Hypertension Goes Up, Alcoholism Comes Down In India

Bhubaneswar: Almost a year-long lockdown effected by COVID-19 had its huge lifestyle related health impact on the people in the country. While it led to a rise in hypertension cases, there was a positive socio-economic effect with alcohol addiction coming down substantially.

It was revealed in the latest edition of of India Fit Report of the GOQii, the smart-tech-enabled preventive healthcare ecosystem. India Fit Report is an analysis of the study of GOQii users. It presents a holistic overview on the health and lifestyle of Indians across different parameters such as steps taken, lifestyle diseases (diabetes, cardiac and hypertension), nutrition, stress, sleep, immunity, allergies, smoking and alcohol consumption.

The study found that about 15% of users reported high blood pressure in 2020 compared to 13.4% in 2019. Loss of jobs and livelihood, check on mobility and lack of social interaction during the lockdown contributed to the rise in hypertension among them though 35% of them said it was genetic.

The stress level also remained high throughout the year. The stress index went up from 4.98 in mid-2020 to 5.11 at the end of the year while 45% are currently under depression.

On the other hand, the number of respondents drinking alcohol came down across all age groups and cities. The primary reason is attributed to the nationwide lockdown because of the pandemic. With travelling restricted and all drinking joints like bars and restaurants closed, drinking was not easy. The only option was drinking at home in presence of the family members. Though some managed it, majority preferred to opt out, the study analysed.

The average pre-pandemic fasting sugar level, which was 138 mg/dl from January to mid-February, rose to 165 mg/dl between March and mid-April.


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