Crazy Election Promises: iPhone, House, Rs 1 Cr — Is There A Method Behind Madness?

Chennai: Political parties and candidates often go to unimaginable levels to convince the electorate.

But not all promises are meant to be fulfilled.

Thulam Saravanan, an Independent candidate who will be contesting from Madurai South constituency in Tamil Nadu, has released a manifesto where he has literally promised the moon if he wins the. His promises include a mini helicopter, an annual deposit of Rs 1 crore for every family, gold jewellery for weddings, a three-storey house and a trip to the moon.

The list doesn’t end there. He will also provide a robot to reduce workload of housewives, a boat for every family, a 300-foot high artificial snow mountain to keep the constituency cool, a space research centre and a rocket launch pad.

So why is he making such crazy promises?

“My aim is to raise awareness against people falling for freebies by political parties. I want them to choose good candidates who are ordinary humble people,” Saravanan was quoted as saying by NDTV.

Slamming political parties for not working for welfare of people, he said politicians “try to lure people by throwing money at them and not letting them decide properly.”

In reality, the 33-year-old candidate has taken a loan of Rs 20,000 to cover his election expenditure. His friends and relatives are helping spread his message.

“My WhatsApp message has gone viral and people are thinking about my tall promises and the thought behind it. That is my victory, though I may not win the election,” he said.

Election for the 234-member Tamil Nadu assembly will be held on April 6, and the votes will be counted on May 2.

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