Did President ‘Unfurl’ Or ‘Hoist’ The Flag On R-Day? Know Difference & Significance

New Delhi: All those familiar with the English language obviously know the dictionary meaning of ‘hoisting’ and ‘unfurling.’ But very often, in the course of conversation, we tend to use the two words to mean the same thing when it comes to our Republic Day and Independence Day as if there is no difference.

So, did the President ‘unfurl’ or ‘hoist’ the national flag on Republic Day?

Here’s the difference:

On August 15, the flag is tied to the bottom of the pole. It is lifted up to the top and then hoisted to symbolise the struggle for independence while lifting it up the pole and then celebrating independence by hoisting it. (Hoist means to pull something up with a rope).

While on January 26, India became an independent republic. So, the flag is already on top now, free from the clutches of years of foreign occupation. Thus the flag is tied to the top of the pole and not at the bottom as August 15. Hence the flag is unfurled.


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