Don’t Ditch Mask, Use Sanitiser Amid Festivities Say Doctors

New Delhi: The festival season is here. Given the misery the world has suffered in the past two years, there is no doubt that we deserve every bit of enjoyment that comes our way. But what to do? COVID may be down but not out.

By now, we have thrown caution in the air and have ditched the mask. Doctors however are still wary. They are advising taking precautions amid the dreadful pandemic.

“The Covid-19 cases are still being reported. People will still be exposed to the virus at marketplaces or any other public places during the festive month, especially since people are coming out of their homes for the festivities after two years. It is for ourselves and our loved ones’ safety to wear a mask before going to crowded places. It is important to use hand sanitisers too,” said Dr DK Gupta, MD Felix hospital, Noida told India Today.

Navratri celebrations are in full swing. This will be followed by Ram Leela and Dussehra and there is bound to be a rush everywhere.

According to doctors, due to the change in season, many cases of seasonal cough and cold are being witnessed. Cases of hand-foot and mouth disease are also on the rise, affecting mostly children. So it’s better to follow COVID-19 protocols while enjoying the festivities during the season.

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