Special Arrangements At Odisha Railway Stations To Beat Summer Heat


Bhubaneswar: With temperatures rising in the state, the East Coast Railway (ECoR) has decided to implement the following steps to help passengers beat the heat and prevent heat-related problems:

  • Water distribution outlets and equipment at all stations to be checked.
  • Regular track maintenance and proper ballast profile along with full complement of fittings to avoid rail buckling.
  • Electricals to be properly checked in all coaches, including luggage vans and pantry cars.
  • Special emphasis has been given to introduce ‘Hot Weather Patrolling’ when the rail temperature goes beyond the specified limit to check track expansion and contraction.
  • Adequate fire fighting equipment at stations, sensitive locations and inside trains are to be provided.
  • Preventing passengers from carrying inflammable materials during their journey.
  • Banners and posters on Fire Safety have been placed at sensitive locations.

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