Ekamra Walks: Discover The Magic Of The Old Town

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Bhubaneswar: More than 9000 heritage lovers from Bhubaneswar and beyond have so far become a part of Ekamra Walks, a part of the heritage trail started by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA). The effort is to showcase Bhubaneswar as a heritage city and a tourist hub. The initiative includes holistic activities such as weekly walks around temples of the Old Town covering destinations of historical and cultural significance.

Ekamra Walks takes one along the dusty alleys of Old Town across timeless temples. It offers a compendium of the largest cluster of temple architecture with enlightening stories. One can travel back in time through the living traditions of the local settlements along with their customs, costumes, colour, cuisine and experience the glorious history of Ekamra Kshetra.

Giving visitors an opportunity to travel smartly on Mo Cycles, BDA has now introduced Heritage Cycle Tours as an added attraction for visitors. They can explore the treasures of Old Town such as the 9th century, Rameshwar Deula Temple. Rediscovering the temples, the trail continues through Emar Matha, where a towering arch with weapons and symbols of the trinity can be observed in its solitary splendor. Through the arch one gets a panoramic view of Bindusagar Lake with Lingaraj Temple in the backdrop. Wherever you look, the view promises to be spectacular and full of interesting mythological, historical and ancient tales. On a stroll along the banks of Bindu Sagar, one can marvel at the inverted boat like Vaitala Deula Temple.

Unfolding its unique architecture and history, the lane leads to Badheibanka Chhaka and Ratha Danda that portray a vivid picture of the daily activities carried out by the locals around the temple clusters.

The ancient Matha nearby traces its roots to the time when Kalinga was ruled by Raja Yayati Keshari. Apart from imparting spiritual and culture-based education, this Hindu cluster has kept the tradition of Vedas alive.

An elevated platform like structure behind the Lingaraj Temple complex offers a panoramic view of an incredible cluster of temples inside its premises. Following a slender passage along the market street, one can view the remains of a 13th century temple – Sari Deula. This architectural marvel, though in ruins, is well visited for its magnificent carvings and figurines.

Walking through the paragon of beautiful history, one covers Dharamshala, which has been providing accommodation to pilgrims from around the world during their tour to explore the Temple City.  Once out of the heritage building, one gets a glimpse of the Temple Kitchen in Ananta Vasudeva Temple

Narrow lanes lead one to the Parashurameswar Temple. With the cycles ready, one can wander along the alleys of the other side of Old Town and visit the 9th century Bhaskareswar Temple. Another tiny trail gets one near the tranquil temple complex of Brahmeshwar.

A bit of touring around and the widely revered Raja Rani Temple comes to view. Emanating an exquisite vibe of history and heritage, the Old Town of Bhubaneswar oscillates people back and forth in time between the temples and its timeless corridors.

Make your weekend mornings more fun with these guided cycle trails in Old Town covering a stretch of 7 km from Rameshwar Temple to Rajarani Temple. Download the Mo Cycle app and get pedaling!



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