Excerpt From Lust -The Yearning

Excerpts from Trips and Trials ~ A Selection of Poems and Songs by Jayshree Misra Tripathi, Pepperscript Publishers, 2018. Amor Vincit Omnia ~ Love Conquers All Love, Loveless, Lament, Lust, Loss, Life.


Boredom breeds disdain

for mindless chatter.

I seek a diversion,

adopt tactical manoeuvres,

glide past the maddening soiree.

Now, smiling softly,

eyes a -twinkle,

I shuffle daintily,

as in the distance,

the French glass panes beckon.


Freedom, YOU are much adored.

But wait, I cannot deceive YOU.


Traipsing along beyond pregnant tables

overflowing with succulent cuisine,

gastronomic delights, tomorrow’s Page 3.

I quickly dart behind the brocade drapes,

presumably for a breath of night air

or a glimpse of the glimmering lights below.

Inhale gently, lips open ever so slightly, inhale –

swirl the lemon roundels in my tall glass

of crushed juniper berries

and liquid Indian quinine,

But, hush, hush,

no one must know my heart’s desire

Covertly yearned, my Lust For second-hand smoke!



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