Farmer Sets A Quintal Of Garlic On Fire; Know Why

Ujjain: Farmers who had been agitating at different points of Delhi border over the three farm laws have withdrawn their protest after the Central government repealed the controversial laws.

But that hasn’t solved every problem of farmers.

Take the case of Shankar Singh, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh. Having failed to get a good price for his produce at an agricultural market on Sunday, Shankar chose a bizarre way to vent his anger and frustration – he set a quintal of garlic on fire.

A resident of Mahidpur, near Ujjain, he was apparently unhappy for being offered Rs 1,400 per quintal of garlic crop.

He claimed he had invested Rs 2.5 lakh in garlic plantation, but got only Rs 1 lakh by selling the produce.

“We do not want any bonus from the government, just the right price for our crop,” Shankar told newspersons.

According to Jagdish Babar, inspector of Mandsaur Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, Shankar’s crop was auctioned at Rs 1,400 per quintal since the quality was poor. He said 8,000 sacks of garlic was available at the market, which was sold between Rs 1,000 to Rs 12,000 per quintal, depending on the quality.

Preliminary investigation didn’t reveal any damage to any person or house in the vicinity, police said.

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