Flipkart Launches OTT Videos & Instagram Style Shopping Section

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Flipkart on Saturday launched a new ‘Videos’ and Instagram type shopping section on its Android app. The ‘Videos’ section will have movies and TV shows just like Amazon Prime and Netlfix.

Every internet based firm wants to get into videos as that’s where the highest user engagement is.

To provide OTT video content, Flipkart has partnered with Viu, TVF, Arre, Dice Media and VOOT.

Flipkart Video, like Amazon Prime Video, will be focusing on local Indian content.

“Our video content is focused on three primary aspects, keeping in mind our understanding of the market: free, curated and personalised. We believe that our customers shouldn’t pay extra for premium content,” a press release by Flipkart stated.

flipkart ideas

Flipkart has also launched ‘Flipkart Ideas’, an Instagram-like photo feed for digital influencers. Users can browse through content generated by influencers as well as brands, and shop for products from there.

The tabs can be customised as per interest. Flipkart believes this will bring in more customers who “will need easy discovery, inspiration and post purchase hand-holding, as they navigate the benefits of eCommerce”.

“Flipkart Ideas improves users’ lifestyle with credible, inspiring and useful content, which will educate and inspire them in the purchase journey. There is a new set of consumers, the next 200 million shoppers, who have a variety of questions and seek to mimic their offline shopping experience, online,” said Anil Goteti, Senior Vice-President, Marketplace at Flipkart.

Currently, these new features are available on Flipkart’s Android app only.



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