Is It Curtains For Fashion Shows? Read What Top Designers Say

In normal times, the fashion industry calendar is choc-a-bloc with back to back couture shows at this time of the year. But these are ‘corona times’ and everything in the world has changed.

The film industry has found the OTT platform. What about the fashion industry? Is it curtains for glamorous ramp shows?

Well, not really, if we go by how ace couturier Tarun Tahiliani launched his latest collection on a live Instagram show last month. Minus the frenzy and excitement of a live show, the digital show was quite an experience with an extra eye on every detail. But will all designers follow suit? More importantly, will it serve their purpose?

Here is what India Today found out after speaking to leading names in the fashion industry.


He was the first Indian to showcase his collection ‘Butterfly People’ at the digital Paris Haute Couture Week in July this year. He presented 13 looks in a film.

He told India Today that it involves almost the same amount of work and stress. There are some major plus-points of digital fashion shows but temporarily. 

However, Mishra is hopeful that the fashion shows may return in some capacity, he told India Today.


For this celebrity fashion designer, fashion shows a great platform for job opportunities. Other than that, he feels safety is above everything at the moment. “

He hopes fashion shows do not completely go off. “Fashion shows are an aspiration for fashion students and new designs. It is also a celebration of collection and fashion fraternity – which is a good feeling and it should not die down,” he told India Today.

Although he showcased his latest collection with a digital show, Tarun Tahiliani feels “nothing can replace the joy of watching a show live.” However, he also adds, “life must go on”. He believes digital shows are the only way forward and reinvention is the future of fashion shows all over the world, India Today quoted him as saying.


Digital is fashion’s best bet, he feels. “And frankly, that’s the only way forward because this is our current reality and fashion’s best bet at reaching an audience, being heard, broadening the sphere for business, etc. Therefore, reinvention is the future of fashion shows not just in India, but globally,” he told India Today.


This designer is hopeful that the fashion industry will bounce back fast and fashion shows will always be there. “Like all industries, the fashion industry will bounce back fast. It will find different, innovative and creative ways to showcase designs. And these are going to change once everything bounces back to normal. Yes, fashion is going to accept these new changes but fashion shows will always be there,” they told India Today.

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