‘Janmashtami’: Jagannath Temple In Puri To Remain Closed To Devotees Tonight; Know The Rituals To Be Performed

Puri: Elaborate rituals have been lined up to celebrate ‘Janmashtami’ festival at Jagnnath temple in Odisha’s Puri town on Thursday.

As per scriptures, ‘Janmashtami’ is celebrated on Ashtami (18th day) of Krushna Paksha (dark fortnight) of Bhadrav month in Odia calendar as Lord Krishna was born on this day. Considered as a highly auspicious occasion, the priests and servitors of Jagannath temple have geared up for the celebration inside the temple at night.

The main doors of the temple will be closed at 7 pm to start the rituals. In the initial rituals, Sudusuar servitors will clean the area in front of Jay Bijay doors of the main temple and Pujapanda servitors will draw a ‘Mandal’ (motif) on the ground with five different natural colours and pictures of two massive door guards.

Then Pujapanda will put a stool made of ‘Sal’ or ‘Sriparna’ wood there and place a painting of lotus flower on it. The Pujapanda, Pati Mahapatra and Mudirasti servitors will perform puja by reciting ‘mantras’ (hymns) which will be  followed by ‘Kalash Puja’. First, a picture of the birth of Lord Krishan drawn by Chitrakar servitors is placed on silver lotus and then idols of ‘Nabagarah’ are placed and worshipped. At this time, ‘Panti’ prasad is offered to the deities.

After getting ‘Angya Mala’ (permission), Mahajan servitors place an idol of Lord Krishna on the stool. The the Lord is worshipped inside the womb of His mother Devaki. It is followed by the birth of Krishna which is performed with puja amid chanting of ‘Shlokas’.

Then the servitors give a bath to the Lord with water mixed with turmeric paste, apply sandal paste and decorate Him with yellow dress and garlands. It is followed by the offering of several varieties of prasad made from milk, butter and spices.

As per the tradition, the Lord is then taken by His father Baseudev to Saraswati temple where they cross overflowing river Yamuna. A Pujapanda in the attire of Ugrasena receives Lord Krishna from Basudev and the final puja of ‘Janmashtami’ is performed there.

On the festive occasion, special prasad, called ‘Deula Bhoga’, is offered to deities in the temple.

In order to ensure smooth and interrupted performance of the rituals, Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has announced that the temple will remain closed to entry of the devotees from 7 pm to 11 pm.

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