Jeans, T-Shirts Banned For Govt Staffers In This State

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has issued a dress code for all its employees, banning them from wearing jeans, T-shirts and slippers in offices.

“It has been pointed out that many employees, particularly contractual employees and advisors appointed for government work, dress up in a way that would be deemed inappropriate for a government employee. This tends to create a negative impression among the minds of people about government servants,” an order by the state’s General Administration Department issued recently was quoted by The Indian Express.

The circular then goes on to list the type of clothes that employees should wear –– women should wear sari, salwar, churidar-kurta, trousers with a kurta or a shirt and a dupatta if required; men should wear trousers and shirts.

It advised employees against wearing “clothes with deep colours and strange embroidery patterns or pictures”.

“Also, women employees should wear chappals, sandals or shoes and men should wear shoes or sandals. Slippers should not be worn in the office,” it added.

The order further stated that with a view to promote khadi, employees are required to wear khadi on Fridays. “If the attire of officials and employees is unsuitable and unclean, it also has an indirect impact on their work,” the circular added.

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