Kamal Haasan Writes Open Letter To PM, Criticises Lockdown Decision


Chennai: Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister on Sunday, criticising the Central Government’s decision of imposing the 21-day lockdown without any prior announcement.

In his letter, the actor wrote that the nationwide lockdown is similar to the demonetisation step taken by the government and PM Modi is repeating his mistake.

While demonetisation led to loss of savings and livelihood of the poor, this ill-planned lockdown will result in loss of both life and livelihood.

Kamal Hassan further stated that when the privileged were lighting diyas in their balconies on Sunday at 9 pm, the underprivileged were trying to get some oil to prepare rotis for dinner.

During this crisis, the government is trying to address the anxiety of only rich people, whereas the poor who are biggest constituent of our society and the foundation on which the middle-class, the well-to-do and the rich build their lives are being completely ignored.

The actor has appealed to the PM to look at both the privileged and underprivileged sections of the society equally and ensure that no one goes to bed hungry.

The first case of COVID-19 was reported in China on December 8, 2019. The government wasted four months and then decided to announce an ill-planned lockdown within four hours.

The common people cannot be blamed for being ill-prepared for a crisis of this magnitude, but the government can be and shall be blamed for this.

The government is appointed and paid by the people to keep their lives normal and safe, added the actor.

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  1. Ashok says

    The honourable PM has taken the best possible action to control the spread of Covid 19. There is no need to criticise him when the whole world is applauding his actions.

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