Hate Content On Social Media: Muslim Body Seeks PM’s Help For Stopping It

New Delhi: The social media has been bombarded with hate content post the Tablighi Markaz incident. In view of this, a conglomeration of community bodies on Tuesday sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s help to stop hate-mongering on these platforms, reported IANS and other agencies.

All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (Apex Confederation of Muslim Organisations) Chief Navaid Hamid said that “in a coordinated digital hate campaign 30K fake clips are in circulation on TikTok to spread disinformation that Muslims are spreading Covid-19 in the country and these clips are creating tensions between communities across India”.

He said many chief ministers have asserted that they would not allow any disinformation and hate campaign in their respective states. The Union government too has repeatedly warned about spreading disinformation regarding coronavirus, IANS reported.


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