Kanpur Home Guard Volunteers For First Human Trial Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Kanpur: Home guard Akash Gupta (35), a resident of Juhi locality in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, has urged PM Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to allow him to be the human trial for COVID-19 vaccine.

“I saw on TV how researchers are testing vaccines on animals because no human is willing to come forward and it was then that I decided to volunteer for the cause as there can be no greater service towards this country and humanity,” Gupta told The New Indian Express.

“In this hour of crisis, if the country’s scientists need specimens for the human trial to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, I am ready to give my body for this experiment,” said Gupta.

“I would be grateful if the concerned authorities use my body to develop the vaccine, Even if I lose my life in this testing, it won’t matter,” he added.


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  1. K S Rao says

    The nation bows you… namaskar

  2. Mr. Mohan Lal Yadav says

    Any thing to come in new and journalist write news about any thing fake . Firstly Animal testing is not allowed in India and Europe. Volunteers for covid vaccine testing are there in thousands if not in Lacs as and when required

  3. Naveen says

    Great the real Indian proud to be a Indian. I salute from my bottom of heart

  4. Jasvinder bhatia says

    Absolute rare gem. Salute. Respect. Best wishes.

  5. Rushyendra says

    Sir I’m a docotr from andhra pradesh… I’m ready for vaccine trail …..please tell u people to stop spreading nonsnese rumours that none is ready to volunteer …there are many who are willing for it…anyways I respect the hoem guard for his volunteering …

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