Know The Top 10 Professional Courses After Class XII


New Delhi: Now that the Class XII results for CBSE and ICSE boards are out and that of Plus II in Odisha likely to be announced anytime soon, students must be spending sleepless nights deciding on their next career move.

There are a wide range of courses to pick up from, but making an informed decision is easier said than done. Intermediate results are often described as a turning point in one’s life.

As we speak, thousands will have already qualified for technical courses. The number of undecided ones would also be in thousands.

Here’s a list of top 10 professional courses after Class 12 that generate maximum traction among job hunters:

1. Engineering: It remains one of the most sought-after career-oriented professional courses in India. About one million students graduate out of technical institutes every year.

2. Law: An evergreen programme, the demand for law studies in India, remains very high. Universities Grant Commission estimates that some 400,000 students graduate with law degrees every year.

3. Medicine: One of the most attractive course after Class 12. Over 55,000 students graduate as doctors every year. These include graduates in Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and dentistry.

4. Architecture: An estimated 50,000 students graduate from the five-year Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) course in India every year.

5. Journalism: The boom in advertising as well as print, electronic and digital news media, increase in film production has seen a corresponding rise in number of students opting for media and journalism studies as one of the top course after Class 12.

6. Chartered Accountant: Another sought-after professional course for higher education. The three to five-year course, depending upon the amount of time taken to complete it, allows flexibility to work and study.

7. Internet, web designing, IT: India ranks as the top destination for foreign companies looking to hire IT experts. Over 100,000 students enroll for various IT or web designing courses in India each year.

8. Commercial Pilot: A huge demand for qualified commercial pilots exists in India, as the country’s aviation sector witnesses a boom at the rate of about 20 per cent per month. Flying is also a very lucrative profession after Class 12.

9. Pharmacy: About 25,000 students graduate as pharmacist from various universities in India every year. Pharmacy studies are gaining momentum due to the opening of several new and private healthcare facilities across the country.

10. Nursing: India requires tens of thousands of nurses, paramedics and caregivers annually due to burgeoning healthcare scenarios. BSc Nursing is an excellent course to study if you possess an acumen for caring for humans of all ages and a stomach to witness blood.

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