Lockdown Blues: Stay Indoors And Spin The Summer With These Drinks From Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The countrywide lockdown is taking a heavy toll on the people. Being stuck in our shelters for about 20 days now with another 19 to go, while many have taken the social media by storm with their new dishes each day, a few are busy brushing up their skills and fulfilling their passion.

Adding to the corona anxiety, the sweltering heat of summers is all set to make us fall for fizzy, refreshing drinks. It is the time to beat the heat and rejuvenate the mind and body with Odisha’s exotic drinks.


Blended with a mixture of fruits, spices, curds and different types of herbs, the people of Odisha have established an emotion with this delightful concoction. On the occasion of Pana Sanskriti or the Odia New Year Day today (April 13), every year during this time the drink is offered as prasad to Lord Jagannath.

Besides this, Bela Pana, Chhena Pana, Amba Pana, etc. are many forms of this drinks having medicinal property and an amazing taste.

While ‘Bela Pana’ is prepared with the pulp of wood apple, chhena (cottage cheese), bananas, dark jaggery, black pepper powder, and coconut shaving, the mango flavored panna, or ‘Amba Pana’ is prepared out of the pulp of boiled green mango, which is liquefied with water.


A perfect remedy for an upset stomach, Palua not only gives a refreshing spin but also acts as a medicine for infants and is ideal for poor digestion, etc.

To make this drink, all you need is the palua powder, cardamom powder and milk. Add some Bournvita or cocoa powder to please children.

Dahi Sharbat

An Odia family cannot skip the summer without Dahi Sharbat. After a tiring hot day, Dahi Sharbat greets you with loads of flavours. A simple drink blended with chilli powder, black pepper powder, mint leaves, and ice cubes is surely a panacea to crunch the summer.


It is a quintessential cooling drink not just for summer but for every season. Made from stale water of boiled rice, Torani gets its taste when stirred together with some herbs and spices.

It tastes better when you have it on the day after it is made.

Ghola Dahi

‘Ghola Dahi‘or ‘Chalha’ or ‘Lassi’ (as called in several parts of India) is a must to quench the thirst of a hot day. A tinge of salt or sugar is stirred with curd and water. Tanginess is achieved when mint leaves are added to the drink.

Mandia Peja

Mandia Peja is preferred during hot summers, especially in the tribal areas. Indeed it becomes difficult for the tribal people to survive the harsh summer, therefore, prepared with ragi powder and the stale water of boiled rice, this drink boosts their energy level.

While preparing the drink, Ragi powder is mixed with the stale water of rice, which is later stored in a covered container for a few days to give a little sour taste.

It is time for everyone to try these exotic Odia beverages amid this lockdown period to fight the summer and stay healthy.

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