Lockdown Routines: Discovering Hidden Talents Gives Singh Deo Great Pleasure

In Our Special Series, Odia Fashion Designer Dinendra Pratap Tells OB Cooking And Yoga Will Be Part Of His Life Henceforth


A normal day in the life of Dinendra Pratap Singh Deo would be hitting the gym in the morning, then work through the day, chilling with friends late in the evening and returning home. But then came the nationwide lockdown, to curb the spread of novel coronavirus.

“At first it felt like a holiday, but no one’s used to too much of staying at home doing nothing,” says Singh Deo.

“The restlessness grew and the one thing of many that helped was yoga. I wasn’t keen on it, but advice from friends did the trick,” says the Bhubaneswar-based designer, adding that a little bit of exercise does no one any harm.

“And when I had a yoga partner, in my 11-year-old niece, it was great. It helped me stay calm and tired me out enough so that I wouldn’t be restless,” reveals Singh Deo of Posh Affair Designer Lounge fame.

If not a designer, he wanted to be a chef. “I am getting to test my culinary skills during the lockdown period. I tried a handful of my favourite dishes like aloo paratha, omelettes, gulab jamun and the item everyone is missing, gupchup… all my dishes turned out exceptionally well.”

Singh Deo even tried out Dalgona coffee, which has been trending in the social media. “That too was a hit,” he says proudly.

That apart, Singh Deo has been reading books and binge watching on Netflix. But once the lockdown ends and life is back in track, he wants to nurture the hidden talents he has discovered — yoga and cooking.

“No point in wasting time, you’ve got to give it a try,” Singh Deo signs off.

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  1. Shailendra Narayan Singhdeo says

    Wow….!! 😲
    Looking forward to see my slim n trim sonny boy once this lockdown is over and moreover…. sample those gastronomic delights 😋 that he has perfected in the meantime. Just cant wait to get home !! ❤

  2. Mithu Ghosh says

    Great effort Happy! So proud of yr multi tasking ability, keep it up! God Bless you always!🙏

  3. Nimrata Tiwana says

    Great on unearthing the hidden talents in oneself.Opportunity not to be missed.👍

  4. Rachita says

    Keep up the good work!!

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