Lockdown Routines: Spending Quality Time With Parents Very Satisfying For Swaraj

In Our Special Series, Odia Actor Tells OB He's Learning To Cook So That He Can Help His Mother In The Kitchen

Bhubaneswar: With the nationwide lockdown having been extended by the Central government, citizens have to deal with staying at home for two more weeks.

Many had settled down to a new routine, while others are still looking to get used to operating from home.

Ollywood hero Swaraj Barik, who would otherwise have been busy shooting, is now spending quality time at his home in Baripada.

“Usually, I don’t get to spend quality time with my parents. Now I’m taking advantage of this lockdown period to be with them, interact with them much more. I am really enjoying it,” says Swaraj.

He is also helping his mother in cooking.

“For me, along with the women of the house, everyone else should learn cooking. It will be helpful in difficult times like these. I didn’t know much about cooking, but now I am taking interest in it… Enjoying it and trying new recipes,” reveals the handsome Odia actor who started as a child artist.

He urged fellow-citizens to strictly follow government guidelines and stay at home as much as possible, and also take try out new recipes for the family members.

An animal and bird lover, Swaraj is taking extra care of pet dog Bholu.

“I am worried about the stray animals as they are not getting food due to the closure of food joints, hotels and restaurants. I feed some stray animals near my house everyday. I also request others to feed some stray animals close to their house,” said Swaraj.

Still in his early 20s, Swaraj is a popular actor in Ollywood, with a handful of hits already to his name.

No surprise that he has been watching several movies during the lockdown. “I’m also reading books and video editing,” Swaraj signs off.


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