Medical Miracle: Pregnant Woman Conceives Again After 3 Weeks!

She was already pregnant with her son when she conceived again, three weeks later. This time it was a girl.

Rebecca Roberts delivered both babies, who are technically twins, though non-identical.

The medical miracle, termed ‘superfetation’ — where another egg is released and fertilised when someone is already pregnant — took place in the town of Bath in UK, according to a report in

Experts say ‘superfetation’ affects just 0.3% of women in the world. In most cases, however, the second baby dies during pregnancy.

In Rebecca’s case, however, mother and both babies are hail and hearty.

Noah and Rosalie were born on September 17, 2020. Since Rosalie was a premature tiny baby, she was taken to a bigger hospital where she stayed for 95 days.

“I had two previous scans which showed Noah, she must have just been embedded. I was having a conversation with the sonographer and she said ‘did you know you’re expecting twins’. My heart skipped a beat, I actually said to her ‘is this real’?” Rebecca added.

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