Multiple Digital Technologies Ensure Smooth Online Learning At Odisha’s Centurion University

Bhubaneswar: COVID-19 has necessitated many changes in the country’s education system, foremost among them being online learning. While many educational institutions have risen to the challenge during these times, Centurion University had embraced multiple digital technologies much before.

Cloud and High-Performance Computing (HPC) have always been an intrinsic part of the teaching-learning process at Centurion. More than 90% of Centurion’s IT infrastructure is hosted on leading cloud platforms such as AWS. Besides, Centurion University had also adopted an online mode of delivery, thus delivering learning sessions across its campuses simultaneously.

This enabled Centurion to seamlessly transition its entire curriculum to a market-leading online/virtual classroom platform. Students too didn’t find this transition difficult as they had the experience of multiple virtual sessions earlier.

The attendance in most classes was more than 70% and in some cases surpassed what it used to be in the offline mode. Centurion also used its HPC laboratory, Dassault Systemes 3DS platform, and other resources made available by UGC and AICTE to conduct practical labs. This enabled the students to complete their coursework in time with only a few credits shifted to the next semester.

CEO of Centurion University, Vineet Chhatwal said, “Our pro-active adoption of digital technologies and cloud-based IT infrastructure truly acted as an enabler to continue our education delivery process uninterrupted. We are continually looking for ways to improve our student’s experience whilst ensuring the achievement of learning outcomes”.

Centurion also adapted its examination to online mode and has adopted an AI-enabled platform that ensures ease of use while ensuring integrity and security of the examination process.

Students were given an opportunity to do multiple practice exams on the platform for them to be fully familiar with it. It also created options for students to take the exams at a later date in case they have connectivity or network issues although the examination platform can be accessed from a basic smartphone as well.

“Our primary focus is to deliver on our promise of delivering the best in class education through innovative pedagogies. We continuously look for ways to improvise and really appreciate the timely guidance from the UGC, AICTE, and Government at large”, said Dr Supriya Pattanaik, Vice-Chancellor of Centurion University.

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