Mysterious Box Shipped Out Of PM’s Chopper Triggers Controversy

Bengaluru: A mysterious black box was shipped out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s helicopter soon after he landed in north Karnataka on Thursday for an election rally and whisked away in a private vehicle, triggering a major controversy.

In a video released by the Congress, two men can be seen carrying the box out of the chopper. Instead of the Prime Minister’s convoy, the box was taken to an Innova car parked at a distance.



“Suspicious box was offloaded from PM’s helicopter in Chitradugra. It was rushed to a waiting Innova, which then sped away. The question is, why the box was not part of the security protocol? Why wasn’t the Innova car wasn’t part of PM’s convoy? Whose car was it?” tweeted a youth Congress leader, Srivatsa.

Congress and the JD(S) demanded a probe into the matter. KPCC President Dinesh Gundu Rao tweeted, “A mysterious box was unloaded from PM’s Modi’s helicopter at Chitradurga…. The election commission should enquire into what was in the box and to whom the vehicle belongs.”


The Innova is seen parked a little distance from where a handful of security vehicles are parked. The two men carrying the box are in civilian dress.

“The security protocol for a Prime Minister is so tight that only authorised people and vehicles are allowed anywhere near the helipad,” a senior Congress functionary told The Telegraph.

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