National Save Your Hearing Day: Better Lifestyle Can Prevent Hearing Loss

New Delhi: Today is National Save Your Hearing Day. It is celebrated every year on May 31 to stress on the need to preserve your sense of hearing. Our hearing reduces as we age and can increase the risk of dementia and other mental health conditions. Hearing loss can occur due to ageing or illness and a variety of other reasons.

“There are various reasons leading to hearing loss including age, noise, genetics, illness, neurological disorders, medications, chemicals, physical trauma, and neurobiological factors. The good news is that half of the cases of hearing impairment and deafness are preventable,”  Dr Nitin Sharma, MBBS, MS(ENT), Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals told Hindustan Times.

He suggests the following lifestyle changes for better hearing health:

Nutrition: A diet high in B12 reduces the odds of developing hearing-related conditions, while high intakes of fat, iron, and calcium have the opposite effect. Vitamin D also reduces hearing difficulties, apart from a high intake of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise: It not only reduces the risk of a wide range of debilitating conditions but can even help protect against age-related hearing loss.

Smoking: Stay away from cigarettes as even second-hand smoke can cause hearing loss, according to studies.

Sleep: A lack of sleep can cause significant issues with your physical and mental health and also hearing loss.

Loud noise: It tends to be the most significant cause of hearing impairment and hearing loss. Avoid listening to loud music via headphones for extended periods. Apart from that, wear hearing protection in loud environments such as construction sites and nightclubs.

Regular hearing tests: As you get older, it is critical that you contact an audiologist and schedule at least 1 hearing test annually. It can also help you diagnose potential causes of hearing impairment or loss before they cause permanent damage.

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