Now, ‘Courtesy Discounts’ At This Restaurant; How To Avail It?

Hyderabad: Different businesses offer various kinds of discounts to attract consumers to their products. It is a tried and tested marketing tactic.

But have you heard of ‘courtesy discounts’?

A Hyderabad restaurant by the name of ‘Dakshin 5’ has been creating quite a buzz by encouraging good manners among its patrons.

Not only does the restaurant offer food at discounted rates, it is offering special rate cuts to customers who say ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘good afternoon’ while placing their orders.

The price of a thali at Dakshin-5 is Rs 165. But if a customer orders it by saying ;a Thali please’, there will be a Rs 15 discount. The price will reduce by a further Rs 15 if a customer tells the waiter, ‘good afternoon, a thali please’.

Dakshin-5 managing partners AK Solanky and Sanjeev Kumar Blake said the discounts increase with more courtesies.

“This will not only encourage customers to be more polite, but it is putting a smile on their faces too,” said Solanky.

“This is an initiative that I have seen in the west. It breaks unpleasantness and will help forge food relationships and cultivate a win-win culture,” said Blake.

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