Nude Pic: Odisha Actor Sunita Garabadu Shuts Down Trolls With Video Message

Bhubaneswar: Trolled for uploading her nude picture on Instagram a few days back, model and actor from Odisha, Sunita Garabadu has taken to the microblogging site to shut down the trolls.

In a video on the Instagram, the actress can be seen saying how people abused and sent her and her family hate messages for the nude post. She also said some users reported the post and asked Instagram to block her profile. In her clarification she said, “I have not gone against the terms and condition of the social media platform, which is why my post is still out there.”

Sunita said, “the world is much bigger, distinct and vaster than your small minds can fathom and the little wells that you live in. So please grow up..”



The actress also said: “Secondly, I need not ask for it on Instagram because when I ask for it I get it and I am already getting lots of it. I also want  to say that everything about a woman’s body is not related  to sex. Stop seeing a woman’s body only sexually. It’s not an object of having sex or intercourse. If you can understand this, we will be able to solve a lot of problems going on in the world, including exploitation of women and the rape culture.”

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While some complimented her for the nude pic post with ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful’ comments, others criticised her for posting her nude picture on social media despite being an Odia.

Besides hosting the Indian Premier League (IPL), Champions Trophy Hockey and Hockey India League (HIL), Sunita has acted in a couple of Odia TV serials and films.

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