Odisha CM Mohan Majhi Claims Previous BJD Govt Attempted To Kill Him

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi has dropped a bombshell by claiming that an attempt to kill him was allegedly made two years ago because he attacked the previous BJD dispensation over malgovernance.

“While in the opposition, I have had several face-offs with the BJD government in the Assembly and also in my constituency. When cornered over several issues and fearing an expose, they acted with vengeance. The previous government orchestrated a plot to kill me by hurling 2 bombs at my vehicle,” he alleged while speaking to a private news channel.

As Keonjhar MLA he had earlier raised this issue in the Assembly and accused the then BJD government of having orchestrated the attack on him.

Majhi did not mince words while criticising the previous Naveen Patnaik regime. “The leaders of the BJD government were busy empowering themself instead of the people of the state. Around Rs 2.5 crore was spent on each school to take up minor repair works and painting the building. How can such a big amount be spent on small works? They did not fill up around 62,000 vacancies till high school so that they could save and show the state has a surplus budget,” he further claimed.

The CM said that his government faces a challenging task, having set a target to accomplish works, hanging fire since 50 years, in five years.

“My government is looking at comprehensive development of the state and realising the dream of Vikashit (developed) Odisha. And I am confident that we will be able to achieve this target. I am optimistic about fulfilling aspirations of the people of the state and plugging the gaps in education and health. Making piped drinking water available will be a priority. The Sanklap Patra (poll manifesto of the BJP) will be implemented in letter and spirit,” he said.

On parallels being drawing between his functioning and Anil Kapoor-starrer ‘Nayak’ with him being in action mode from day one, the CM said that he has watched the movie and found it inspiring. “I am trying to set an example for all ministers and secretaries by reaching out to people. It will provide an insight into their problems which will help us to find ways to solve them. By the end of this five-year term, I will make sure to visit every village and provide justice to people,” he said.

Majhi said he understands the problems faced by the public representatives at grassroots, having started his career as a sarpanch. “…Sitting only at the Third Floor will not solve the problems of the people…I assure you that I will always try to remain people’s CM…”

He also refused to be drawn into the ongoing comparison between him and the previous CM Naveen Patnaik. “He belongs to a political family while I am a common man whose father was a peon. I don’t want to get into such any comparison with him.”

Talking about helming the affairs of the state, he said the CM post did not come as a surprise for him since he believes in ‘karma’, and has worked hard to rise through the ranks by building organisation. “A good organisation strengthens a party and helps it to form the government. This experience has given me the confidence to lead from the front. It has been possible because of the 4.5 crore people of the state and the blessings of Lord Jagannath,” he said.

Majhi said his government will put an end to the hooliganism and mafia raj in the state.

The CM further said that he would forgive police inspector Trinath Sethi, who had misbehaved with him earlier this year. “I have the option of taking action against him but I also realise that he acted under pressure from the mafia. By forgiving him, I want to send a message to all officers that they are required to do their duty with utmost sincerity by fearing none.”

He said that his government will seriously look into allegations of organised loot of the state, impacting its economy. An inquiry will be conducted and the guilty will be taken to task irrespective of whether they belong to Tamil Nadu, in an indirect reference to former bureaucrat and BJD leader V K Pandian, or any other state or even Odisha, he said, asserting that the looted assets will be brought back to the state coffers.

Majhi said unlike the BJD regime which was ruled by a ‘Super CM’, the BJP government in Odisha believes in collective leadership and decentralised governance system. “The Deputy CMs will travel to places where the CM is not able to ….. participation of the ministers will be equal…”

The BJD is yet to react to this statement made by the CM.

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