Odisha Has Highest Percentage Of Fully Immunised Children; Check Details

Bhubaneswar: The number of fully immunised children is the highest in Odisha at 90.5 per cent, according to the National Family Health Survey-5 (NHFS-5), which was published on Wednesday.

The all-India figure for full immunisation among children aged 12-23 months is 76 per cent, up from 62 per cent over the past five years.

A fully immnunised child means he or she has taken all the scheduled vaccines supplied by the government. A child in Odisha takes 12 vaccines at government facilities.

The number of fully immunised children in Odisha was 78.6 per cent in 2015-16, according to NHFS-4, which is still better than the latest national figure.

The other top states are Himachal Pradesh (89.3 per cent), Tamil Nadu (89.2 per cent), West Bengal (87.8 per cent), Karnataka (84.1 per cent) and Goa (81.9 per cent).

According to the survey, 98.1 per cent of children aged 12-23 months have received most of their vaccines at a public health facility in Odisha. While 99.1 per cent of the children were from rural areas, 91.8 per cent were from urban areas. Only a miniscule 1.4 per cent of children, mostly from urban areas, got their vaccines at private facilities.

While 97.3 per cent children have received BCG vaccine, 94.4 per cent children have three doses of penta or Hepatitis B vaccine.

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