Odisha Politician’s Arrest: Murdered Woman’s Ex-Husband Reveals Dirty Secrets


Brajarajnagar: A day after former MLA of Brajarajnagar, Anup Sai, was arrested by Chhattisgarh police in connection with the murder of Kalpana Das (32) and her 14-year-old daughter on May 7, 2016, the victim’s estranged husband, Sunil Srivastav, on Friday said his ex-wife was killed because she was over-ambitious.

“I had met Kalpana in August 2000 when I visited her home to consult her father, who was a priest. He used to perform puja for my ailing father. We fell in love and married four months later in Novemeber 2000,” Sunil told the media.

“A few months after the marriage, however, she insisted that we shift away from my parents’ place. But I refused to do so because I was the only son and had to take care of my old parents. In 2004, she left me and went back to her parents’ house,” he said.

“In 2006, I came to know that she was in live-in relationship with Anup Sai. He had kept her in a house in the CDA Sector area in Cuttack and then shifted her to a house at Sundarpada in Bhubaneswar. Finally, we got a divorce in 2011,” he added.

When asked if he had made any attempt for a reconciliation before the divorce, Sunil said: “As I realized that she was leading a different life, I did not want to interfere. But as my daughter was staying with her, I had tried to meet her. But she did not allow me to meet my daughter.”

Sunil, however, added that he had met the expelled BJD leader once, but the latter threatened him to stay away. “I had no other option but to remain silent,” he said.

Reacting to the arrest of the killer politician (who was later remanded to jail after the local court in Raigarh rejected his bail petition), he said: “The court must sentence him to death for killing my innocent daughter. I don’t want to comment about Kalpana’s murder. But what offence had my daughter committed for which she was brutally killed?”

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