Ram Gopal Verma Finally Gets ‘Odisha’ Spelling Right While Promoting Apsara Rani

Bhubaneswar: A day after he received flak from the people of Odisha, Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma(RGV), not only got the spelling of the state right, ‘Odisha’ as opposed to his earlier ‘Orissa’ but also became more respectful in his reference to the state.

RGV thought he was doing the state a favour while praising Odisha-born newcomer Apsara Rani, who will be seen in his upcoming project ‘Thriller.’

In a series of tweets, RGV claimed that he had never thought of Odisha as a talent hub for the film industry.  The producer also went on to say that he had not even heard about Odisha even since the 1999 Super Cyclone.

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“Before meeting Apsara, I dint even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane. But after meeting her, now I realised that Orissa creates all kinds of hurricanes. It’s been a great revelation that Orissa has such beauties MORE POWER TO ORISSA,” RGV  had tweeted on July 6 while sharing a picture of the debutant actress.   ⁦

Captioning another picture of her, the Bollywood filmmaker on June 7 said, “Never even thought of Odisha as a talent pool for the film industry. But going by Apsara Rani coming from there, both the rest of the country and Odisha itself should seriously look at Odisha.”

It goes to the credit of the actress for giving the ‘Rangeela’ director a befitting reply.

RGV’s remarks did not go down well with the people of Odisha, who launched a barrage of comments on him on social media. They slammed the filmmaker in the comment sections for his ‘poor knowledge’.

“These guys always fly in air because of their success. In fact, they are unaware about things happening around. I can bet even a Class 3 student from Odisha has better IQ than him. Please don’t expect knowledge from him, he knows a bit about social media that’s a surprise,” said a Facebook user.

“Dear Ram Gopal Verma, from your above tweet, you have openly exposed your poverty of knowledge and idea on Odisha,’” said another user.

“Odisha is the land of Lord Jagannath. Lustful myopic vision has no place in the land of Odisha,” another tweeted.

Recently, Telangana Police booked RGV and his producer Natti Karuna following a complaint in connection with his recently announced film Murder’, which is based on honour killing.

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