Rly Track Washed Away In Kotabomali-Gunupur Section, Train Services Affected

Bhubaneswar: With track KM10/9-10 between Tekkali and Peddasana stations in Kotabomali-Gunupur railway section being washed away following the severe cyclonic storm ‘Titli’, the following trains have been cancelled, partially cancelled and rescheduled on Saturday.

01. 58418/58417 Gunupur-Puri-Gunupur Passenger cancelled from Gunupur on 13.10.2018 and from Puri on 14.10.2018.
02. 58505/58506 Gunupur-Visakhapatnam-Gunupur Passenger from 13th to 17th October, 2018 will remain cancelled from both the directions.
03. 58427/58428 Palasa-Gunupur-Palasa Passenger from 13th to 17th October, 2018 will remain cancelled from both the directions.
04. 12784 Secunderabad-Viskhapatnam AC Express leaving from Secunderabad on 13th October, 2018.
05. 58207/58208 Raipur-Junagad-Raipur Passenger cancelled from Raipur on 13.10.2018 ) and from Junagarh on 14.10.2018.

Partially Cancelled
01. 58417 Puri-Gunupur-Puri Passenger from Puri will short terminate at Palasa and run as 58418 Gunupur-Puri from Palasa on 15th & 17th October, 2018 and service of this train will remain cancelled between Palasa and Gunupur.

Besides, some trains have been rescheduled for operational reasons due to disruptions caused by the cyclone.

01. 18409 Howrah-Puri Jagannath Express from Howrah will leave at 0530 hrs (05.30 AM) on 14.10.2018 instead of 1900hrs (07.00p.m.) on 13.10.2018
02. 12844 Ahmedabad-Puri Express from Ahmedabad will leave at 0825hrs (08.25a.m.) on 14.10.2018 instead of 1840hrs (06.40p.m.) on 13.10.2918
03. 22852 Mangaluru-Santragachi Vivek Express will leave at 1230 hrs (12.30a.m.) from Mangaluru on 14.10.2018 instead of 2300 hrs (11 p.m.) on 13.10.2018.
04. 17016 Secunderabad-Bhubaneswar Visakha Express will leave at 2230 hrs ( 11.30 PM) from Secunderabad instead of 1650 hrs (04.50 PM) on 13.10.2018.
05. 18464 Bangaluru-Bhubaneswar Prasanti Express will leave at 2130hrs (09.30p.m.) from Bangaluru instead of 1350 hrs (01.50 PM) on 13.10.2018.
06. 22884 Yashvantpur-Puri Express will leave from Yashvantpur at 0200hrs (02.00a.m.) of 14.10.2018 instead of 2240 hrs (10.40 PM) on 13.10.2018.

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