Saddam Hussein Keeps The Faith At This Bengaluru Temple

Bengaluru: A Saddam Hussein keeps the temple chariot and the premises of Srirama Seva Mandali in Rajajinagar serviced and maintained.

The temple chariot is taken out annually for a rally across Rajajinagar around Ramanavami (April 14).

A team from The New Indian Express found Saddam cleaning the premises when they reached Ram Mandir. Saddam is proud about the odd job he does. He has studied only up to Class 2. He works at a shop, drives a cab and also helps people in the area with shifting houses. When he is not doing any of these he enters the temple premises, takes a ladder, climbs up till the roof, dusts and wipes, sweeps and cleans it.

Idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman at the top are covered in a layer of dust. Saddam cleans them till they look as good as new. He also ensures that pulling the chariot is not taxing on those who do it on Ramanavami day.

“Some people appreciate me for doing this job, others pass comments. I just greet them with a smile,’’ says Saddam.

Venkatesh Babu, who owns Gandige Angadi (where pooja materials are sold) at Gandhinagar, employed Saddam. “I sell Ganesha idols during Ganesha Chaturthi. Saddam works with me. It was I who referred him for the annual cleaning work of the temple and he is doing it with complete sincerity.’’

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