Sambit Mohanty’s ‘Hello Arsi’ Marks The Coming Of Age Of Odia Films

Bhubaneswar: Brilliantly shot and directed with a perfect story and a background score, it is hard to believe that National Award winning  Odia film ‘Hello Arsi’ is late director Sambit Mohanty’s first film. It was screened at Jayadev Bhawan in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday. The movie had won the Best Odia Film National Award in April. The late director earned the National Award for the best dialogue while the leading lady, Prakruti Mishra bagged the Special Mention Award.

Breaking all stereotypes, FTIIan Mohanty successfully experimented with the unconventional way of film making which captivates the audience till the climax. Each and every dialogue narrates the philosophy of life. The movie is a cluster of ideas rather than a regular story line.

The story unfolds with what can be described as a magical flow. Right from the time the two protagonists played by Partha Sarathi Ray and Prakruti Mishra meet in a car. The movie has metaphorical undertones. While Prakruti plays  a girl who resorts to prostitution after her family suffers business losses, Partha’s character has no name.

Cinematographer Prasantanu Mohapatra has done a wonderful job with his camera, capturing the nuances of the expressions of both the protagonists in a moving car to perfection.

Though most of the shots are static, they don’t look repetitive. The chirping of birds amidst the sounds of trucks and a bulldozer is a symbolic expression of the positivity of life.

The movie marks the coming of age of Prakruti who gets a chance to prove her histrionics. Her restrained portrayal of the character Arsi has won her a lot of praise and recognition.

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