‘Shah Rukh, Please Visit Ailing Mentor’: Congress Leader’s Final Plea; Is The Superstar Listening?

Mumbai: Congress leader Szarita Laitphlang made another fervent plea to Shah Rukh Khan, requesting him to visit his mentor and teacher, Brother Eric D’Souza – fondly called Dasu — in Goa as his “health is weakening and his condition worsening every passing moment.”

“Kindly spare a few minutes to come and visit him. Mumbai is not very far from Goa. It is just an hour’s flight. His health is really deteriorating, and he can’t speak anymore,” Szarita appealed to Shah Rukh in a video message posted on X.

Referring to Brother D’Souza as Shah Rukh’s mentor, the politician from Meghalaya said this was her “last attempt” to reach out to the Bollywood superstar, having tried to convey the message four times earlier.

“This feels like my final plea, my last attempt to reach out to @iamsrk to humbly request his presence by the side of brother Eric S D’Souza. Each day, brother’s health weakens, his condition worsens with every passing moment. Mumbai, just an hour away by flight, holds the possibility of bringing solace to his ailing heart. DASU has left an indelible mark on all of our lives, shaping us into who we are today through his unwavering commitment to instilling values. Your visit would mean the world to him, a beacon of hope in his darkest hours,” Szarita wrote.

Szarita, who mentioned she just visited Father Eric, appealed to all those whose “lives had been impacted” by him to make some time and visit their ailing teacher.

As Szarita said in her video, Shah Rukh has been very busy with the IPL, his films, attending PM Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony and other work, but still hoped he would meet him one last time.

It remains to be seen whether Shah Rukh listens to Szarita.

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