Surcharge, Cancellations And Other Cab Woes In Twin Cities

Bhubaneswar: Green, blue and other coloured bumpers have become a normal sight in the Smart City. Now, a new cab service ‘ZustGo’ has expressed interest to enter the market here.

ZustGo, a Kolkata-based company, also follows the cab aggregator model but differentiates itself from others by promising ‘zero surcharge’ even during peak hours. Users here and all over the country complain about high surcharge rates during office and late hours.

“Sometimes, surcharge rates start from 8am. While it is convenient to book a cab whenever you want, it is a pain paying two-three times the normal rates,” said Kaushik Garabadu, an IT professional.

According to the Director, Ranit Kumar Ghosh, ZustGo is researching the Bhubaneswar market and is planning to start its operations here after Durga Puja or by the end of the year. This is the time when Bhubaneswar will be hosting the Hockey Men’s World Cup.

However, all is not rosy when it comes to ride hailing cabs in the twin cities.

“Five cab drivers cancelled my booking at 8.30 pm, citing that they can’t get bookings on the return journey. I could not come back to Cuttack from Bhubaneswar that day,” said Kaushik.

“The company doesn’t give us any incentives like before. It is a loss for us to make Cuttack-Bhubaneswar trips at the rates Ola is giving. We have complained but the company says leave us if you want,” said a cab driver, who didn’t want to be named.

There are no bike-taxis in the city at present. ZustGo is looking to start the same in Kolkata. Only Ola offers the shared-cab option. Ola, Uber and Jugnoo have auto-rickshaws too.

Self-driven cars have also gained popularity in the city, with Zoomcar and Myles running successfully here.

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