‘Sushant’s Death Has Opened A Can Of Worms’; Read What Shobha De Has To Say About Bollywood

Columnist Shobha De has given a wake-up call to Bollywood asking it to take off those fake painted masks while sticking to the asli N95 ones.

Calling Bollywood a headless chicken, in her latest column in NDTV, the veteran writer said, “It’s time to send out this key message to Bollywood before the situation deteriorates further – get real.”

Rubbishing claims of ‘Bollywood Royalty’, ‘First Families’, ‘A-listers’, the ‘Camps and Clubs’ culture, and calling the whole concept unmodern and feudalistic, she said the bubble has burst on Bollywood.

“The tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput has opened a can of worms. The stink it has raised can no longer be ignored. This was long overdue and it is a pity that Bollywood needed a tragedy this large to begin a deep cleansing exercise,” she wrote in the NDTV column.

Writing that for the first time in decades, Bollywood is facing it its own ugly side, where it is divided, Shobha De said it is like a “headless chicken”.

She said the growing popularity of OTT platforms during the pandemic has been a great equalizer by democratising the process of entertainment like never before.

“With no access to multiplexes and cinema theatres, the writing is on the wall. Audiences have switched to a medium that is going to be the future. Digital is the way forward. There goes the pumped-up star system! And there go all those Kings, Badshahs, Nawabs and Bhais of Bollywood. Younger audiences really don’t give a damn They prefer talent over tinsel.”



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