TAP Devises Online Lessons For Kids Struck By Lockdown Blues

The Apprentice Project (TAP), a non-profit organization, has introduced online learning classes to support students from low-income families amidst lockdown.

The Indian Express has reported that TAP took the decision after a survey revealed that 90% of students from low-income background felt bored, frustrated, anxious and sad during the prolonged lockdown necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The online lessons are designed to develop social, emotional and life skills among children through a remote-learning platform. Along with an offline support network of volunteer mentors, TAP wants to ensure that these children continue to express what they feel and learn staying at home.

The courses include code-a-game, website building, film appreciation, stand-up beginner’s edition, art for soul and master of art. “With motivation from mentors, the children are compelled to complete the course and that is what we are aiming for,” TAP co-founder Anand Gopakumar was quoted as saying.

After a few weeks of trial, they finally came up with a system last month wherein the courses are hosted on Edmodo, a mobile application followed by supported WhatsApp groups of the particular course.

TAP is currently working with over 300 children via its volunteer model. By making its course available for free, it indirectly supports over 10 organisations, which work with over 10,000 children, through its curriculum and activity plans.

“The schools are shut and even when they open gradually, they will not be the same again. The closing of the schools for such a prolonged period of time has created a vacuum in the lives of children. Their parents are unable to explain what is happening around them, why they can’t go out and meet their friends, and that adds to their feeling of sadness. So we decided to mould our courses to suit the digital forum,” said Gopakumar.

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