Tata Steel BSL Exports 9000 Ton Of LD Slag To Bangladesh From Odisha’s Dhenkanal Unit

Dhenkanal: Tata Steel BSL has exported 9,000 ton of LD slag from its unit located in Dhenkanal district to Bangladesh, making it the first company in India to export the steel by-product to the neighbouring country.

Cemcoa Limited, a Hong Kong-based trade house and an existing buyer of Tata Steel BSL, had shown interest in the market development of LD slag in the cement-making process in Bangladesh and facilitated the export through Dhamra Port. The Tata Steel BSL plans to export 100 KT of LD slag per annum.

“Tata Steel BSL has been looking for operational and market facing innovations by creating value out of its by-products as part of its quest to a sustainable future. With a customer-centric approach, this is one of the series of interventions we are doing to supplement our product portfolio and explore newer markets,” said Subodh Pandey, chief operating officer of the company.

LD (Linz-Donawitz) slag is a by-product in steel making process and Tata Steel BSL at present generates around 1 million ton of it per annum. In collaboration with its customers, the steel major has developed 0-6 mm size slag range for applications in slag cement, GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) and clinker making.

As part of its sustainable operations of by-products, Tata Steel BSL has been supplying LD slag to brick makers around the plant, national highway work, for hard surfacing and low land area filling, cement companies in Odisha and West Bengal, distributors in coastal Odisha for use in highway and brick work.

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