Testing Time For Matric Students In Cuttack After Question Paper Goof-Up

Cuttack: As many as 20 examinees were given question papers for ex-regular students of 2014 during the offline Matric exam in the city.

The goof-up was reported from the Board High School in Cuttack. Incidentally, the matter came to light only around 11.30 am, around one-and-a-half hour after the exam started at 10 am.

The School Headmaster, Dilip Kumar Behera, admitted to the blunder. He, however, added that the matter was resolved and the examinees were given the correct question paper within half an hour of the mistake being spotted.

On their part, the students alleged that they were not given adequate time to fully answer the correct question paper.

An examinee said the question paper for regular students was given to them around 12 noon and they were given time to complete it till 1 pm. The stipulated time for answering the paper was actually 2 hours, he added.

Notably, the Odisha government had cancelled this year’s Matric exams due to the pandemic and marks were allotted through an alternate assessment method.

However, the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) later decided to hold an offline exam for the students who were not satisfied with the allotted marks.

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