The Benefits Of Global Digital Collaboration

The digital era is not pushing us apart, but rather pulling us closer together. We experience this to some degree every day. We communicate quickly and easily with friends and family on the other side of the globe. We purchase needed items in an instant and even receive personalized responses from our favorite brands. On the personal level, the digital age is beginning to feel more engaging than in-person engagement, in many ways.

In the context of business, however, and especially with the advent of remote work, going digital can feel distancing. Remote work is increasingly popular, and much of our collaboration on projects occurs in a digital space. Some businesses are still digging their heels in against the transition. In the gestalt, however, this approach to collaboration will only benefit companies as business continues to evolve in the digital space.

How will global companies benefit as we complete the transition into a wholly digital way of doing business? Let’s take a look.

Less Travel

Yes, granted. Many executives may have enjoyed the perk of travel to visit clients or international branches. From the business office’s perspective, however, travel has always been a stress on the coffers. Extensive travel, too, may provide face-to-face interactions that are essential to doing good business and collaborating, but can also stress employees as well. With the expansive features and viability of video conference tools today, businesses can get the benefits of those in-person interactions without the overhead and strain of travel.

Enhanced Productivity

Studies show that remote work and collaboration may actually enhance productivity. Employees are willing to give a bit more when working at home, perhaps because they are not expending energy on stressors such as commuting. Remote workers have also been shown to adapt to necessary changes more quickly; again, perhaps a positive side effect of decreased stress in the workplace.

Increased Retention

Yet another benefit of this new way of doing business? Increased employee retention. Businesses that provide employees with the option of working remotely in the digital space end with employees who are happier, and that translates into employees who are more willing to stand by a company.

Better Collaboration

While it may seem antithetical to collaboration, video collaboration and other digital tools for collaboration can enhance the process. Your employees are used to working in a digital space, for one, and are likely to thrive there. Additionally, many of the solutions used today to collaborate via the cloud are designed specifically to enhance collaboration, making it easier to work together on ideas and create consensus.

The Tools Making it Happen

The tech world has delivered when it comes to the software and hardware needed to drive the new world of digital collaboration. ERP solutions allow companies to get a holistic view of operations and collaborate across departments that were traditionally siloed in the past. Video collaboration technology, including video conferencing cameras, provide crystal clear ways for employees to communicate and work together no matter where they are.

The hardware available to today’s businesses is not limited to the audio and video of conferencing, either. Many of these tools support true collaboration across the web video space. Digital whiteboards and more have created ways for workers to share and perform just as if they were in the same physical room with their co-workers.




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