Twitterati Slam Rahul’s ‘New India’ Tweet Showing Army Dogs Doing Yoga


#RahulMocksYogaDay was trending on Twitter after Rahul Gandhi posted two pictures of the Army’s dog unit doing yoga opposite jawans on what is International Yoga Day with the comment “New India”.

New India.

It was not clear whether Rahul was being sarcastic but the tweet fetched him a lot of criticism, with one person commenting in Hindi that he was now convinced that Rahul’s Twitter account was indeed handled by his dog, Pidi.

In October 2017, a tweet from Rahul’s account said people were who tweets for “this guy”. It further said: “I’m coming’s me..Pidi..I’m way cool than him. Look what I can do with a tweet..oops.. treat!” The tweet showed a picture of his dog, whose name is Pidi.

Kannadathi commented saying: “This one is truly tweeted by Raga himself…”

Till the filing of the report, the tweet had gathered 11k comments and been retweeted 3.4k times. But, curiously, it had also got 18k likes.

“New India – Where government cares more about Yoga than Healthcare & deaths childrens in Bihar/UP & other parts of the country,” said Saral Patel.

“True, it’s a New India where our Dogs too understand the importance of Yoga Day except few politicians 😎,” commented Tanmay Shankar.

Shubhrastha said: “Here spake the Italian blood! This disgusting man has a visceral hatred for anything Indian and any symbol of Indian pride. Shame on you @RahulGandhi !”
Some other comments hinted at Rahul planning early to lose the 2024 Lok Sabha elections too.

The BJP accused the Congress of disrespecting the forces. The Congress denied the charge but it was lost in the din.


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