Utkal Hospital In Bhubaneswar Launches Facility For Stroke Patients During Golden Window Period

Bhubaneswar: Utkal Hospital, here launched a dedicated facility for heart stroke patients, ‘Stroke helpline, code stroke and stroke pathway’ on the occasion of World Stroke Day on Friday.

The facility would extend timely medical intervention and attention to the stroke patients and reduce the chances of any disability or ailments due to brain damage. It would also serve the stroke patients at the crucial “golden window period of 4.5 hours”.

Dr Amitav Rath, HOD Neurology, Utkal Hospital said, “Our focus is on Golden Window period of 4.5 hours. If a patient comes within that period, there are very high chances of the patient getting recovered fully. If one misses the golden time to seek medical attention, there are high chances that he might witness permanent disability.”

Talking about the new facility, Dr Akash Gupta, Consultant Neurologist, said, “In order to best address the cases of stroke, we need a combination of qualified medical staff from multiple disciplines like a neurologist, critical care specialist, emergency physician, radiologist and a dedicated stroke nurse. There is a lack of such dedicated service in most medical setups in the state. At Utkal Hospital, we are starting the service to help in a coordinated emergency medical support to the patients of stroke.”

The ‘code stroke service’ caters to the integration of multi-disciplinary staff, while the ‘stroke pathway’ ensures timely intervention of all required facilities for the patient to reach hospital immediately. Stroke helpline 7894865184 is also being launched by the hospital.

The Utkal Hospital has dedicated acute stroke care beds to cater to the emergency needs of stroke patients. There is a 24×7 radiology services like MRI, CT-Scan and other services.

Neurosurgeon Dr Siddarth Sahoo ensures timely surgeries if needed along with Neuro-Critical Care specialist Dr Ranadhir Mitra, with active supervision of Dr Abhinash Mohanty, Emergency  Services.

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