Verify Foreign Content Before Publishing, Press Council Tells Media

New Delhi: The Press Council of India (PCI) has advised the media to publish extracts of foreign content only after due verification.

In an advisory, the media watchdog said it has considered references received “by the government” about the responsibility of Indian newspapers in publishing foreign content. The council is of the view that unregulated circulation of the foreign content is “not desirable”, The Print reported.

It went on to advise the media to “publish foreign extracts in Indian newspapers with due verification as the reporter, publisher and editor of such newspaper shall be responsible for the contents, irrespective of the source from which it is received”.

The Print quoted sources as saying that the advisory was issued after PCI received several complaints over various Indian media outlets publishing reports or extracts from foreign publications, some of which have been seen as critical of the Indian government and the ruling BJP.

Government officials also said that they keep a close watch on the foreign media’s reportage on India, and have issued rebuttals on reports deemed one-sided or inaccurate.

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