Vets Remove 200-Gm Tumour From Dog At SOA Urban Veterinary Hospital In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Veterinary doctors of the SOA Urban Veterinary Hospital at Nuagaon in Odisha capital have surgically operated on a golden retriever dog to remove a large lump from its lower abdomen.

The dog, which was in serious discomfort, was brought by its owner to the hospital on July 28. On examination, the vets detected an abnormal growth on its right lower abdomen. The swelling appeared to be a lipoma (a fatty mass or lump) situated between the skin and the underlying muscle layer.

The treating vets decided to undertake surgical intervention on July 29. The surgery was conducted under
advanced general anesthesia and the tumour weighing about 200 gram was removed by the team of surgeons.

The tumour has been sent to the laboratory for histopathological examination and confirmation. The dog has recovered from the surgery and was under post-surgery follow-up.

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