Virat Kohli Serves Food To Guests Himself, Know Why?

New Delhi: Is Virat Kohli as aggressive off the field as he is on the field? The Indian cricket captain often comes across as arrogant. But the misconception has been broken by several former and current cricketers.

Former selector Sarandeep Singh has said that Virat likes to serve food to guests himself as there are no servants at his house.

“At his home, there are no servants. He and his wife will serve food to everyone. What else do you want? Virat always sits with you, chats with you, and goes out for dinner with you. All the other players have so much respect for him. He’s very down-to-earth and strong-willed,” Sarandeep told Sportskeeda.

“On the field, he needs to be that way because he’s the captain. He’s the one who’ll handle the pressure on the ground and make decisions in the heat of the moment,” he concluded.

During the same interaction, Sarandeep talked about Kohli’s true ‘humble’ nature off the field, and especially during team selection meetings.

“Whenever Virat comes, team meetings used to go on for 1, 1.5 hours. Virat is a good listener. I don’t know what people think about him,” he was quoted as saying.

“If you see him in the matches, he’s always charged up while batting and fielding. So it seems like he’s always hot and arrogant, and doesn’t listen to anyone. But no, he’s as down-to-earth as he seems aggressive on the field. In selection meetings, he was so polite. He always used to listen to everyone and then finally come to a decision.”

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