[Watch] Cute Toddler Melts Hearts With Mature Gesture At Airport

In a world ravaged by a pandemic and acts of terrorism, people wait to pick up heart-melting stories and footages.

One such scene was created at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport recently, by a little girl – no more than three or four years old.

In a video which has gone viral, she is seen asking for permission from an airport securityperson to cross a ‘line’. She waits for a second, and then runs towards a lady.

As the toddler calls her out, the aunt turns around and rushes towards her and picks her up lovingly.

“She asked the officer permission to say goodbye to her aunt at the airport,” says the caption with the video.

Watch the video posted by a Twitter user:

The 17-second clip has been viewed by over 7 million users, earned more than 70K likes and been retweeted by close to 25K users.

Besides the cuteness quotient of the little girl, what floored netizens was her gesture of asking for permission before proceeding towards her aunt.

“How do u reject this request? so cute,” read one of the comments.

“Today’s dose of Happiness,” wrote another user.

“This melts my heart,” was another person’s reaction.

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