[Watch] Message From Space On India’s 75th Year Of Independence

New Delhi: Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is living and working on the International Space Station, congratulated India on its 75th year of Independence.

In a video message, the astronaut said that it is a pleasure to congratulate India on 75 years of Independence and that for decades international agencies have worked together with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on many space and science missions.

Talking about two big projects being developed by ISRO, Samantha said “The cooperation continues today as Isro works on the development of the upcoming NISAR Earth Science Mission that will help us track disasters and helps us get a better understanding of our changing climate.”

The NASA ISRO SAR Mission (NISAR) is being jointly developed by the Indian and the American space agencies to track global disasters and provide data to assist in mitigating and assessing damage, with observations before and after disasters in short time frames. The spacecraft will detect the surface motions of the planet and will help explain the processes occurring deep within.

The Italian astronaut also talked about the ambitious Gaganyaan mission, which is likely to have its maiden uncrewed orbital flight next year. “On behalf of Nasa, the European Space Agency and all other agencies, I would like to wish Isro best of luck as it works on the Gaganyaan mission and gets ready to send humans into space,” she said in a video released by ISRO.

She further added that expanding the partnership with ISRO, and exploring the universe together is a goal for all of us and for future space exploration.

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