[Watch] Teaser Of ‘Media Bloodbath In COVID Times’, Short Film On Sacked Journalists

New Ddelhi: The COVID-19 induced lockdown dealt a severe blow to media persons. While those who were fortunate to have retained their jobs were working 24×7 despite challenges, many others were reeling under the shock of being fired unceremoniously – more than 30,000 to be precise.

“The lives of more than 30,000 persons from print, electronic and digital media were affected during the first two months of the COVID-19 lockdown by way of job losses, pay cuts and leave without pay. Several media houses took advantage of the pandemic to ruthlessly cut costs and arbitrarily consign lives to the edge of chaos and precarity.”

This is the introduction in the teaser of a short film titled ‘The List: Media Bloodbath in COVID Times.’ Releasing in May on YouTube, the teaser shows the predicament of these media persons who were given only five minutes to decide within the confines of an office room whether they want to ‘resign or be sacked’.

The short film has been helmed by former journalist Manoj Kumar Sharma, who is the Executive producer and also plays editor in the film. Sunil Ved is the Director of Photography and the Associate Director is Navin Kumar. Mahesh Rajput is the Writer and Director, while Gopal T. Raghani is the Editor.

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