[Watch] Woman Wearing Kurta With Arabic Text Mobbed In Lahore; Know What Happened Next

Lahore: A woman was rescued by police after being mobbed for wearing a kurta with Arabic prints, which was mistaken by the crowd for Quranic verses, in Lahore.


The colourful dress adorned with printed letters led to misunderstandings, resulting in accusations of disrespect towards the Quran and exposing her to public scrutiny and ridicule. Amidst the chaos, a female police officer, ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi, stepped in, urging the crowd to avoid violence and helping the woman leave the area safely.

A video of the woman’s distress, as she sat in a local restaurant with her hands covering her face from the mocking crowd, has also gone viral.  “The woman had gone for shopping with her husband. She had worn a kurta that had some words written on it. When some people saw it they asked her to remove the kurta. There was a confusion,” Naqvi said.

The woman, who was escorted to a police station, later apologised for inadvertently hurting religious sentiments. “I had no intentions of insulting anyone’s religious sentiments. I bought the kurta just because it had good design,” shen said.

The Punjab (Pakistan) Police also shared the video of the incident on the social media platform ‘X’, stating, “ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi, the brave SDPO of Gulbarg Lahore, put her life in danger to rescue a woman from a violent crowd. For this heroic deed, the Punjab Police has recommended her name for the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM), the highest gallantry award for law enforcement in Pakistan.”

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