Who Ended Up With Whom On Indian Matchmaking & Here’s How Much Sima Aunty Charges

Mumbai: Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking is trending on social media. While the first season ended with no weddings, here’s what the candidates are doing now:


The Indian-Guyanese girl in the US who got stood up by Vinay might have been heart-breaking on Netflix but here’s what Vinay had to tweet about it:

After things didn’t work out with Ravi Guru as well, Netflix ended her story showing a romantic walk in the rain with lawyer Shekher. But sadly, that didn’t last after the show as well and they don’t follow each other on social media as well.

“Being off-camera definitely changed the dynamic between myself and the matches that I had continued talking to, and obviously, the change was not positive. But it helped me learn more about myself and what I’m looking for in a future partner,” Nadia reportedly told The Times.


Thirty-four-year-old hotshot lawyer whom Sima aunty called “negative” is following and seems to be in touch with her last date — Jay, the counter-top expert. But it is unclear if they are together.


The jewellery designer from Mumbai whom many termed as being in the closet and rejected 150 girls during the show is still looking for the one. He broke up with Rushali, the model from Delhi. He told LA Times that they “had different paths in life” and “respected that and moved ahead.”


The happy-go-lucky college counsellor’s story was incomplete for Season 2 where he was about to disclose his troubled childhood to Rashi. Vyasar is active on Twitter but isn’t saying anything about Rashi. He, however, told The Times that he is single and matchmaking is a difficult process.


Successful entrepreneur Ankita’s journey ended on Netflix with her going to a life coach and resolving the underlying insecurities she had. She too hasn’t ended up with her last match about whom Sima aunty’s associate Geeta had hidden the fact that he was divorced.


The youngest guy on the show, Akshay at 25 did end up getting engaged to a match found by Sima aunty from Udaipur, much to the respite of his mother whose blood pressure had sought up because of Akshay’s reluctance to get married. However, things didn’t work here too and Akshay broke up with Radhika after the show. Imagine his mum’s condition now!

Sima aunty, however, makes good money according to a report in Indiatimes. Her earnings per client is estimated to be around Rs 1.50 to 3.75 lakh! But as it turns out, none of the couples set up by her ended up together. Here’s something in her defence:

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